4 pics 1 word – 5 letter words – part 21

Whats the Word – 4 Pics 1 Word Answers
5 Letter Words Solutions (Part 21/21)

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You've reached a milestone, the temporarily final page of cheats for 5 letter words, for now until the next update! If you still can't find what you are looking for and you really really have checked through the full cheat and all the images (and double checked that you are looking up the correct word length), then give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment below and someone will try to help Spoiler alert: Scrolling down and looking at these answers may enable you to complete the game! MORE TO COME SOON!



Don't get all mad with us just yet if you still havent found the answer you're looking for. You might have just missed it over the last few pages of cheat so you can always take another look back. For the updates, we're working through the day and night to bring you all the answers as fast as we can!

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  • Larona Marshall

    This one had me stumped and I didn’t find it on your site.

    • 19townie59

      I am stumped on this one as well. Anyone?

  • sherry

    Someone please help me im stuck on level 416 its a five letter word that starts with the letters mi there’s a man holding a hand full of penny’s and a man making a funny face and a man wearing glasses with money stuck in his glasses and a man sitting on what looks like a iron board on a bunch of bricks please help me

    • kae


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