4 Pics 1 Word – 8 Letter Word Answers Part 13

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8 Letter Words Solutions (part 13)

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The september update came and 4pics1words started to become a little bit tricky again, with less literal images and more need to think logically, or just give up and after hours of trying to figure out that a watch, a ring and a pumpkin represent the word 'heirloom', or a clice of chocolate cake plus a limo plus a Roman looking guy could lead to the word 'Decadent' There are also some easier ones in there to keep you going, but for the impossible words that make your brain hurt trying to figure out the answer we have good news, we can help! Like we mention, from this page onwards you'll find all updated pics from September 2013 and beyond, just so you know where you're at. With so many words and updates it can be hard to keep track and you can get lost in a sea of words and images! So go on, have a scroll…

We had a little whoopsie and forgot to take a screenshot of one of the words, call it over-excitement [read: severe tiredness]. So the pictures of humous and beige coloured balls are pics for the word 'Chickpea'. Give us a break we had screenshoted 2029 levels by that point!

Oh and by the by, doesn't the girl in the glasses of the word 'piercing' look ever so lost. she is definitely not meant to be used for that word.


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