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Whats the Word – 4 Pics 1 Word Answers

8 Letter Words Solutions

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Below you will find answers to words that contain 8 letters on the 4 Pics 1 Word (What's the Word) app for iPhone and Android. Since the recent update there are many more 8 letter words and so this cheat will span quite a lot of pages, if you can't see the answer you need on this page, please scroll through the pages to find what you need. 

For updated 4Pics1Word answers after September you can go directly here, no need to scroll through all the pages :)

4 pics 1 word 8 letter word answers assembe


kids 8 letter words




















4 pics 1 word answers with space


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  • adam

    Please hep

    • Marci L. Heil


  • disqus_KeVSmkBy5d

    Skiing, looking on a map, the top of a hill, and a family at the beach?

    • http://www.facebook.com/rcogun Rico Wang


  • Jacquelyn Schaffer

    Eiffel Tower, lovers on the beach, two hearts drawn in the sand, and a black & white picture of a young man with long hair……?????

  • Dana

    Group of people jumping and throwing there papers, a toxic sign with an explosion in the background, a misquito bite, a chemical mix fizzing up.

    • Victoria


  • bubbles

    6 letter word

    giant in a small room

    a guys with a rope around him really tight

    a skynny door

    a skindy alley betwee apparatment bulidings

    e r a f a r w j p w o n

    • logoquizcheats


  • arlennie

    helo! a picture of a lighthouse, girl reading under blankets with a light, a forest ib fall with light

    • logoquizcheats

      BEAM, it’s up on site

  • Brittany Rose

    Metropolitan police
    Video camera on concrete building
    Man in suit and shades
    Baby fetus in ball hands
    W I R I R T C Y S U B E

    HELP! :)

    • logoquizcheats


    • happy


  • ackiel

    8 letter words the pictures are

    a girl with large glasses making a kissy face

    little girl squinting  her eyes eating a cracker

    another girl making a goofy face

    and a little boy making a goofy face


    letters are:

    m e y t r u

    g c e i a g

    • logoquizcheats

      GRIMACE – it’s up on site just look thru the images 

  • Aaron Rosenblum

    Help ASAP I can't get this one and it i can't find it 

    flour and eggs


    Handbag with shoes and other stuff


    Thank you

    • logoquizcheats


  • Ilohhgh

    Eight lletters a keyboard with a blue llink,

    http on computer, an open

    bbook, closed book

    • logoquizcheats


  • Angie Kalamazoo

    8 letter word

    Lady looking through her hand

    man with his head in his hand

    Statue with his head in his hand

    Lady eyes closed with hand on head

    Letters:M A P A L E D C F S K U

    • Joyce Clark

      Help me please

  • mystikal

    8 letters  AWNCCNTCREE

    man walking down stairs on sign

    a gate/door

    tower beside a pole && two tickets               HELP ME PLEASE :)

  • Memitchi

    Army , The word new 2 times , the British guards , and a ball with writing in it

    • logoquizcheats


  • Memitchi

    Army.       The word new 2 times , the British guards , and a ball with writing in it

    • logoquizcheats


  • dollymama

    Please help!
    8 letters
    A tank
    A deck of cards king of clubs on top
    A jet
    2 flaming layered shots (drinks)

    • dollymama


  • Person

    I need level 36 on kindle can anyone help 8 letters

  • Anon

    A person mixing chemicals

    a road witha powerplant sign on it

    people celebrating 

    and a piece of marked skin (moles or something)

    • logoquizcheats


  • mystikal



    sunshine, smoke stacker, pink lights, pipes

    help me please!!

  • http://facebook melissa

    stuck on this word ,

    8 letters

    got nuclear powerplant with smoke coming out . pipes, the sun, looks like blue eye this   

    • Lin


  • lost

    8 letters

    blue vace

    multi colored pot

    sliver water can

    tea pot that is white with blue on it

    the letters i have are: C K I A F T A T T D R

  • harris

    Im Stuck

    metropolitan police

    seurity camera

    duck in glass

    man in black suit


    • logoquizcheats


  • Bitsy

    I am stuck on an 8 letter word… The pictures are: a brown purse with shoes and a belt, flour and eggs, a puzzle with one piece sitting there not in the spot it belongs in, and a beaker of chemicals having more chemicals being poured in the letters are:


    • logoquizcheats

      COMBINE – we’re getting the image up on site soon

      • Bitsy

        Thank you!!

  • Sheldon

    Hand with hand cuffs on

    Card going into a machine 

    A phone connecting to a computer 

    And a blue circle with a car and a person driving it

    • logoquizcheats

      TRANSFER – its up on site

  • Ted

    I'm stuck!

    Pic1: a man shaving

    pic2: a man putting lipstick on

    pic3: a man thinking

    pic4: a mans mouth (close up)


    • logoquizcheats

      STUBBLE – its up on site under 7 letter words

  • Nichole

    I can’t figure out tye one with a person spraying stuff onto a bike chain, a skate board wheel, a chain and lock around a bike and a bike seat. It has a y in the word

    • logoquizcheats

      BICYCLE – its up on the site!

  • K

    Stairs surrounded by green trees/bushes

    River in a green forest

    guy surfing in clear blue water

    Two beach chairs sitting in front of a blue ocean 

    letters: MEBSLMPMQCUR

    • R


  • Someone

    I am stuck on an eight letter word. In all images people are showing hand raised. Group of letters are : e,g,i,f,v,e,h,i,h,u,d,h.

    • milodog


    • Tiffany

      Hi five

    • MiiMii


    • Bitsy


  • John

    Got a problem with one of your words. 8 Letter word is "takesout" I entered it and doesn't work. Also there is a blank square for one of the letters. Pictures are boy packing bag, a couple having dinner, A guy with his shirt off and 2 other guys carrying sticks about to beat him and takeaway chinese noodles. Letters are bsatkeluox and a blank square. First letter is T and I already tried takesout


    • logoquizcheats

      The answer is TAKE OUT – it changed after the update. Put the blank square where the ‘S’ used to be.

    • John

      never mind the word is take out. Blank is a space. Strange how it's 2 words not 1…


    • Nicole Dawson

      type in takeout. but it has to be TAKE “blank space” OUT

  • basss

    4 letter word

    A women holding a shower puff with soap on her face
    A man shaving his face
    The side of a women’s face looking left
    The bottom if a man’s face

    H C V N Q J I T O H V C

    • R


  • Alex

    Good luck with this one, girl with what looks like toothpaste, a hammer on an egg, a surge protector covered in cords, and a whole bunch of road signs. Eight letter word. With the letters oieylhurmklv

    • logoquizcheats

      OVERKILL – its up on the site if you just have a look above at the images

  • http://4picks1word mary

    Hi help errvulzghcak 8letters po ov family 3skiers couple reading n couple on mountain wat is it any one plzz

  • Frustrated

    I am stuck on one that isn't up here….it's a child crying,a gear shift,a gold sparkled purse and a group of teenagers with books in their hand ? 

    • logoquizcheats

      CLUTCH – it up here on this page

  • alan

    Boxing ring with the legs of a man (like the upper part of him isn’t in the picture)

    Some guys in a bar

    Four clocks

    A ball with the flags of the world on it

    Five letters


    • logoquizcheats


    • Michelle Ortiz


  • Rosie

    Help please, playing guitar, person on bench in tunnel, thumbs up in old aeroplane, man on sax…….OAQQLNSJWLRO

    • logoquizcheats


      • Rosie

        Thank you very much 

    • Tiffany

      Still stuck 8 letter and the pictures is tea pots and vase the letters are TFIYFACHATER

      • Sheila


  • Ashley

    Stuck on the one with a picture of a smoke stack, pipes, a cell and what looks like an egg yolk. Eight letters:
    H O S M I W S X I E N 

  • Tiffany

    Am stuck its a 8 letter word its a picture with a tee pots and vase

    • ariel6868

      i hava a hiyina yawning, people picking up garbage, a broken computer, and huge "crates" with i think clothes in it

      • logoquizcheats

        SCAVENGE – its up on site if you just look through the images

  • nikki3

    Okay I got one for ya

    Lady acrobat between two ropes

    Filling a glass of water

    On off switches

    Plastic container with foil peal lid.. 7 letters.

    • logoquizcheats


  • monkeytowers

    Ok… its a FOUR letter words with

    A guy setting wood down

    Blue minI squares/tiles

    Little wood letters and numbers in order

    Piles of dominoes …


    • logoquizcheats


  • Neal

    Queens Guards, Sphere(globe) with marketing words, two tags labelled 'new' and 'new'm soldiers

    Letters : BAETNIMHAGC – 8 letter word, 4th letter is a P

    • logoquizcheats


  • Addicted

    Need help with this one;

    group of people throwing papers in the air

    girl putting something in a beaker

    sign and a road. its dark and raining. looks like there is an explostion also

    skin with hives or bug bites. 


    *8 letters* – Ends with the letter N


    e t i r i a x b w c o 



    • logoquizcheats


  • help please

    I have a thermometer, a protractor and ruler, graduates throwing their hats into the air, and some sort of Chinese scale. It’s 8 letters, and the letters I am given are g e m e f h s d r q u h. It’s driving me nuts, and I can’t find it on any site. Please help me!

    • logoquizcheats


  • nikki3

    I have one that I didn’t see on here:

    Guy in yellow with soccer ball in goal

    Computer mouse

    Loading hourglass on older comps

    Pink pig with 4 leaf clover

    • logoquizcheats

      Try SAVE

  • stuck

    Lift buttons, 2 kids typewriter and a book

    E M H I Q U R O S U T S

    • logoquizcheats

      Try STORIES

  • stuck

    Man on a bike on a wire, cat and a mouse, man holding onto a wire above some sharks and a knight

    Letters U R A T G R J O E X C O

    • logoquizcheats


  • stuck

    Clocks globe with flags on it wrestling ring and people having drinks

    W E R A J U R Z O D K N

    • logoquizcheats


  • mark

    Help……….a book with knigge, a newspaper, a woman wearing old fashion clothes and 3 belts gold, silver and bronze. 5 letters

    • logoquizcheats


  • stuck

    Bus credit card handcuffs laptop

    Letters X A R E U R N B F Z T S

    • logoquizcheats


  • stuck

    Religous symbol. Religous statue someone meditating and someone standing in water

    Letters R,V,A,N,K,I,N,S,B,O,A,A

    • logoquizcheats


  • Aimee

    Woman with her head in her hand, woman with thumb down,hot drink, curle film strip

    8 letter word 

    E W I A M G V T E N N L


    not on here

    • logoquizcheats

      NEGATIVE – its up on site if you just look through the images

  • mark

    Help……..a man getting interviewed, a picture with lots of flags, a circle with a red cross and an envelope going into a voting box

    • logoquizcheats


  • meezo

    7 letters: D R D D U S E S G R F A



  • S

    Stuck……….please help

    7 letters T B P M C E K U L P A R

    water being pourd into a glass

    a woman doing the splits on ribbons

    a yoghurt type pot

    can't remember the last pic – phone is dead! sorry!



    • logoquizcheats


    • mark

      Try tumbler

  • kc

    8 letter word
    bus sign
    Credit card swipe
    Man handcuffed
    Wifi symbol

    • logoquizcheats


    • mark

      Try transfer

  • Cassie

    Greg, the 8 letter word your looking for might be audience.

  • confused

    Eight letter word

    Army guys

    Some british guys

    Two tags that say new

    A globe

    • logoquizcheats


    • mark

      Try campaign

  • wendy

    stuck on 7 letters, elevator button, typewriter, book and whispering girls.

    help please

    • logoquizcheats


  • Greg


  • Greg

    Capital isn't right. It's right letters

    S M B I N U E C D A E

  • Trish

    I need help it the letter B the white house the Eiffel tower and Bocks with the letters NEWS

    • logoquizcheats

      CAPITAL – its up on site

  • Greg

    A girl holding her hand out, bananas playing pool, a microphone thing, and two birds on a wall. PLEASE HELP

    • Cassie

      Audience try it cause I had that same pic too and it was right.

  • sooz14

    8 letters, bag of gold chains, gem stones, newborn baby and open empty chest.

    • logoquizcheats


  • Dan

    anyone know 7 letters with N A A I O V N R V N M

    its like hindu a symbol and a statue and a man with a towl in the water?

    page 384



    • logoquizcheats


  • Anonymous

    post cards

    a woman with lots of shoes

    a little girl with a bag crouching in the grass

    and the last one looks like a bunch of christmas cards

    7 letter word

    letters are-hotfxellcclv

    • logoquizcheats

      COLLECT – the answer is on site under 7 letter words

  • Ash

    What is a girl with her hand straight out, a girl making an ok sign with her hand, a girl saying shh, and a guy holding his thumb up


    • Ash

      Please help


    • logoquizcheats

      GESTURE – check the site its up there

  • Anonymous

    7 letters.


    lighting bolt 


    leaves with frost bite


    w z s e t i r a e h i n

    • me


  • sarah

    7 letters

    two egg yolks in the middle of flour

    animal skin and the bags,belt and shoes

    pouring of chemical into a containter with liquid

    puzzle with last piece not inserted amd on top of puzzle

    U N M X I B E O C Q W V

    • logoquizcheats


  • Anne

    4 letter word

    a girl flashing her mini flashlight and reading under blankets

    lighthouse and its light shining out to sea

    a laser bar code scanner

    an autmn forest with sunlight shining in


    M A B F E F W D E I Q X


    • logoquizcheats


  • JR


    the colosum in rome

    old tattered books

    an map of olden world

    the mayan temple


    A R E K B C D N T I N L 

    • logoquizcheats


  • noob

    Help please!

    a car tunnel

    a bus driving through a river

    a mansion with its gate wide open

    a white van

    7letter word.

    letters  J A N P N T S J T I R O 

    • logoquizcheats


  • Anonymous

    Eyeball with code
    Hands holding crystal ball with lightning and dove
    Eye with stuff
    7 letters

    • noob

      The answer is vision

  • Girly

    I need help, a man in a motorcycle, a burned Match in the middle, a man with binders all over the desk, and a man holding his forehead with lots of paper in the desk.

    A seven letter word : ruuruqcnbtjo  

    • logoquizcheats


  • Anonymous

    clothes on a rail, black leather jacket, man in blue t-shirt with sun glasses, pair of legs with jeans and shoes on

  • Help…

    My one is a girl with a cream pouch,

    traffoc lights

    hammer hitting something

    electricity plugs…black and orange

    plzcan you help me

    • logoquizcheats

      OVERKILL – its up on the site

  • boo

    I need help with one
    Group of people
    Chemistry lab with a girl
    Yellow sign
    Skin with lumps on it

    • logoquizcheats


  • Rachel

    stuck on  a 8 letter word pics are-

    phone and laptop with blue lines

    card machine

    hands in hand cuffs

    and blue circle with driver in

    • logoquizcheats


  • Tara

    A seal a peice of meat a girl crying and a baby crying hell pleasee 

    • Anonymous


  • Help

    Lady in a mmask

    little boy with confetti on his head


    2 dogs in jester hats and colorful sunglasses

    a clown 

    • logoquizcheats

      COSTUME – its up on site under 7 letter words!

    • Anonymous


  • Lol

    It's a 7 letter word and there's a @ sign in a mailbox

    http thing

    blue doors

    A lady with a microphone

    • logoquizcheats

      ADDRESS – its up here on the site just look thru the images on 7 letter words

  • Thom

    7 words.

    a man watching to some kind of screen.

    heathbeat screen.
    a screen.
    and an appointment screen..

    • logoquizcheats

      Try Monitor

  • Radzzzzzzzz

    mine isn't there it's got a girl with a thumbs down

      tape with a blue back ground

    A girl with her hand on her face

    A pee tester

    8 letters help some 1

    • logoquizcheats

      It is here – It’s NEGATIVE, check above

    • Radzzzzzzzz

      Ow I know

  • emmy lou

    Im stuck on an 8 letter word,
    The queens guards, a white globe withe the words publishing, and advertising on it, a couple of soldiers knelt down taking aim?? Any idea??

    • logoquizcheats


  • jaybabe

    mine isnt here….. its 8 letters pictures ofred marching soliders, a ball with the words marketing,logo etc on it , the word new twice in orange and white, and soliders kneeling and aiming in dessert.. the 4th letter is P… pleaseplease help me

    • logoquizcheats

      CAMPAIGN – it will be up here soon :)

  • Thom

    mine isn’t here either.

    a girl with a pair of glasses she is looking strange.

    a ginger which pulls out his tongue.

    a Black haired girl, which puts her lips in diffrent directions and her eyes.

    a girl eating a citron

    • logoquizcheats

      It is GRIMACE – and is it here http://www.logoquizcheats.net/4-pics-1-word-7-letter-word-answers-2 – if you just check through the images

  • Lol

    It doesn't have the one I am stuck on and it says answer for 4 pics 1 word but it carn't be if it doesn't have any

  • Anonymous

    Mine is not here it is a guy judging a guy helping 2 people a girl recording herself and a girl talking to a guy

    • Anonymous

      i think that was dictate

    • Anonymous

      Im stuck on the same one! I dont understand!

  • Lol

    I'm stuck on the one with a 


    matches- one burnt 

    a person tired with papers

    a person tired with books

    • logoquizcheats


    • Anonymous


    • Radzzzzzzzz

      That's the one I was stuck on it's burnout

  • Mystery girl

    Mine us with a blue door, a globe signal on a computer, a speaker, and an @ sign in a mailbox.

    • anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/ carol jane beton

    what do you called signing using hand?

    • logoquizcheats


  • Allison

    I'm stuck too!! Vegetables then vegetables in a heart then what looks like power plants…7 letters…. Driving me crazy!!

    • logoquizcheats

      Its here on site! the answer is PRODUCE, you can find it by looking through the images

    • Radzzzzzzzz

      It's produce

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    8 Letter word
    pics are
    Rugby ball
    a sky box type of thing
    a red phone
    and a girl holding a gift

    • Anonymous


  • Bob

    I need help with this one since it isn't here the pictures are:




    and some kind of circle thermometer tthing the letters are: R E H E D E S B S R G W 

    It is 8 letters long please help me 

    • logoquizcheats


    • Anonymous


  • http://Logoquiz.com Safer a

    Did not help

  • Anonymous

    mine isnt here .o

    Its a man takin pictures, one in handcuffs, another in handcuffs and a mouse trap…? help

    • logoquizcheats

      It’s CAPTURE, and its here: http://www.logoquizcheats.net/4-pics-1-word-7-letter-word-answers right at the top if you just look through the site

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Radzzzzzzzz



      • Radzzzzzzzz

        Trust me try it

  • Kt

    Well I solved some. The one with the gate, locked books, zipped lips, and people whispering. PRIVATE

  • anoyed

    How can they even call them self a site they dont have the 1 i need

    • logoquizcheats

      Please ask and we can help you

  • Logan

    The one with the man taking a picture, the mouse trap with cheese, the man in handcuffs, and the hands in handcuffs is capture. 

    • logoquizcheats

      CAPTURE – its up on site just check out the 7 letter answers

  • Union j

    The puzzle I am having bother with isn't here

    • Cparks87@hotmail.com

      Help the 1 with horse racing, woman on top of man wif whip, person at finish line and woman sittin on a man back  

      • logoquizcheats


  • Tips

    Same here what's up with this website? I was relying on it!-_-  

  • eleri

    mine ive been stuck on all day isnt on here!,

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