Icomania Answers Level 5 Part 2

Icomania Level 5 Answers (part 2)

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Below you will find the final Icomania answers you need to complete level 5 of the game. Hands up who had no idea of the Scrooge McDuck answer? Hands up again those who still have no idea who Scrooge Mcduck even is?? Snopp Dogg was also a bit of a curve ball as for those in the know he is now called Snopp Lion?! Apart from thaose minor hiccups and the fact that Tom Hanks has a dodgy moustach, there are some real classics here, from the Titanic to Sly Stallone (aka Rocky) to the actual United Kingdom represented by a stamp, this was a mega level.


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Hooray, you've completed level 5! Nice one, high 5! :) Pressing the 'next page' link will take you to level 6.

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