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All the answers and full cheat for icomania is here! All levels, all categories!

From the makers of 4 Pics 1 Word comes the game Icomania, and here we have all of the answers for this popular new app on iPhone based on the icons of celebrities, movies, logos, brands, tv shows and more! The aim of the game is to guess the icon from the image given(it can be a brand, tv show, country, city, movie etc), and using the letters given to you. The only hint is how long the word is. You can buy extra hints such as adding a letter, or getting rid of a few letters, but this can get expensive! Much easier to come have a lok through the site and cheat instead – its ok we won't tell anyone ;)

Just click on the level you need to see all the answers!

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icomania level 7 answerslevel 8 icomania
 ALL answers for all other levels will be here soon so keep checking back or just follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.



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  • samantha lucas

    lebvel 2288,can’t find the answer??three letter word,letters,areI>Q,Q,V,B,R,K,E,T,P,B,P,

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