Level 12


But for now you can find the answers HERE

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  • amber

    Help me pls…..whales….broken net…..stacked rocks with a hole and waves???????

    • logoquizcheats

      BREACH – it’s up on the site if you just look through the images

  • http://Yah Justmeneedinghelp

    Ok so I'm on level 276 there's a pictures of a lady sobbing raw steak a sea otter and a baby crying please help?!?!

    • logoquizcheats

      BLUBBER – its up on site please check through the 7 letter words before commenting

  • hanif

    Level 12
    Women playing violin,man playing violin,
    snakes on a violin and japanese lady!!!
    So confused plz help

  • Karate21

    A lady with her finger bleeding,a guy wrapping his arm in first aid wrap for cuts,a big bandage on a guys foot and a scar on a persons hand..5 letters! Please help!

    • logoquizcheats


  • Volleyball66

    A soccer ball with blue flames from it, stage with blue spotlights around it,another stage thing with lots of colors shining from it and red background that looks like lights! 7 letter word 5th letters a "c" please help!!!

    • logoquizcheats

      EFFECTS – this is up on the site under 7 letter words, please see appropriate page

  • http://idk idk

    I need help on level 16 plz

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