Level 2

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Below you will find all answers and the full walkthrough to level 2 of the Logos Quiz by Aticod. There are 7 6 answers to guess correctly on this level.

cheat logos quiz

answers logo quiz

walkthrough and solutions level 2

Halloween pumpkin S

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  • alliyah

    what is the one after sony

  • alliyah


  • Anonymous

    doesnt have absolutely all of them

  • lily


  • tracy

    So where’s the rest of them?

  • Anonymous

    dosent have all of them

    • logoquizcheats

      There are 76 Logos to guess in the game, and 76 logo answers up here. You might be looking at the wrong version – if you are playing on Android or playing the Logo Quiz Ultimate version on iPhone then please go back to the homepage to get the answers you need :)

    • Laurie

      Answer for number 43?

  • Jake

    Yeah this website is amazing

  • Anonymous








  • Macayla

    You forgot the mountans

    • Alan


      Whatvdoes the mountains logo mean. If you know please eMail me

  • Anonymous


  • http://logoquizcheats.net akl18

    oh yeah ! im loving this ! thank u for all the cheats ! :D

  • http://Yahoo.com DaBug


  • http://bob'sjobs bob

    Smelly cheese

  • Morgan

    Love this



  • http://msp bumfluff

    these don't match the answers

    • logoquizcheats

      All the correct answers for the Logos Quiz by Aticod are here. Please make sure you are looking at the correct version of Logos Quiz, answers are different for the ‘Logo Quiz Ultimate’ on iPhone and also the Logo Quizzes on Android devices (see the homepage for links to both of these). :) 

  • kerrith

    nervermind i found it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kerrith

    one missing. everthing else is great tho. the one missing is the one that has a w then a gold line ad then an i.


  • betz

    Thanks, luv this app and this site

    • Deeba

      What this this is aamazing I am totally showing of to level 3 4 5 6 7 8 and till the wworld I can't live without this 

      god it is sic 

  • http://fancypictures.com gia

    i love the way you made this i just think that you should get the like bar out of the way.  im having fun being able to complete each level faster and showing it off

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