Level 3

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Below you will find the Logos Quiz answers to level 3 of the app by Aticod. There are 76 logos to correctly guess on this level.

level 3 answers

cheat logos quiz

Level 3, 3.4 out of 5 based on 190 ratings
  • angel

    Do you now some hints to level 5

  • Brooke

    I have one left and it not on here

  • http://Yahoomail Justice

    High my name is justice and without this I wouldn't be on level 3

    • ngawai

      Hey um do you no what the answer is? Haha. Im struggling with it badly! Help me please.

  • Anonymous

    This game does not have the answers I need 

  • http://yahoo.com ding ko

    neeeeddddddddddd all these!!!

  • Anonymous


  • http://Logoquizcheats Joseph

    Lots of the icons on this website arent on the app and some on da app arent on this website

    • logoquizcheats

      You might be looking at the wrong version, this page is Level 3 of the iPhone app by Aticod. You can get to the answers for Logo Quiz Ultimate on iPhone or for any Android Logo Quiz from the homepage.

  • Anonymous



  • http://Logosquizanswers.com Tayler

    There is not a green Yamaha symbol

  • Anonymous

    Hey I needed to cheat



  • kailen



  • rayesia

    Thanks i needed that

  • Abbygail

    This app rocks

  • Ana Brown

    The United Colors of Benetton didn't match the logo in the actual game, so you should update it.

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