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Travia Crack Answers | Geography cont.


The Trivia Crack geography answers are contined here, theres loooooads of them, but keep going, you'll get to the one you need soon! and when you do, oh it shalst be so blissful, to finally know the answer and be able to just answer the question that has been wracking your brain. We do love the Trvia Crack game, and we are kinda interested in Geogrpahy to, which is useful for you guys as it means we have all the answers for you, yippee! So have a scroll down and get the one you need. Enjoy people, enjoy :). 


Zimbabwe is a former colony of which European country? - BRITAIN
Yerevan is the capital of what country? - ARMENIA
Which soccer team has won the most world sub championships? - GERMANY
Which singer's daughter was a subject of the reality show 'The Simple Life'? - LIONEL RICHIE
Which singer wasn't part of the group Destiny's Child? - ALICIA KEYS
Which singer has a tattoo on her lip? - MILEY CYRUS
Which siblings won back to back NFL championships? – THE MANNING BROTHERS
Which ship rescued the passengers after the Titanic sank? - CARPATHIA
Which series is Neil Patrick Harris one of the lead actors? – HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER
Which seasons did Fernando Alonso drive with Renault - 2002-2006 AND 2008-2009
Which sea is near the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico? - CARIBBEAN SEA
Which sea is known by its high levels of salt? – DEAD SEA
Which scientist was named "Person of the Century" by the TIME Magazine? – ALBERT EINSTEIN
Which salad is given the name of a Roman emperor? - CAESAR SALAD


Which Russian novelist wrote 'The Gulag Archipelago'? – SOLZHENITSYN
Which rugby team is called "Los Pumas"? - ARGENTINA TEAM
Which Roman Emperor was stabbed in the senate? - JULIUS CEASAR
Which roman emperor gave his horse a seat at the Senate? - CALIGULA
Which Roman emperor began with the Pax Romana? - AUGUSTUS CAESAR
Which rock group is famous for the song "Stairway to Heaven"? - LED ZEPPELIN
Which river rises in the Black Forest and flows into the Black Sea? – DANUBE
Which one is the hottest planet in the Solar System? - VENUS
Which one is the highest mountain in the world? – MOUNT EVEREST
Which of these is the Northernmost African country? - MOROCCO
Which of these is the name of a successful Antipodean pop group? - CROWDED HOUSE
Which of these is the name of a long-eared wild cat? - CARACAL
Which of these is the dance-music wizard who released the albums 'Play' and '18'? – MOBY
Which of these is the capital city of Argentina? – BUENOS AIRES
Which of these fashion labels is not originally from France? - LOEWE



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