What’s the Word – 4 Pics 1 Word Answers

Whats the Word – 4 Pics 1 Word Answers and full cheat

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You will find all the answers you need on this site in order to complete the game. Just choose from the letter length you need above. Please be aware that there are almost 2000 words to guess and this is growing with every update, becase they are in a random order, it will take some patience to get through this cheat to find the answer you need, but trust us, its worth it! There is no better feeling than finally getting that word you needed and moving up a level, especially when you've been stuck on it for a week or even 10 minutes.

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Did you get here by mistake? Are you lost? Why not join in with the 4 Pics 1 Word fun! Head over to the Apple app store to Google play store, download the game, get stuck on a word within 5 minutes and then come back to check us out! We have all the answers and solutions you'll need to complete this frustrating game.

Sick of clicking through loads of pages looking for the answer you need, we have good news for you, coming soon, the 4 Pics 1 Word Word Solver! Watch this space for an easier way to instantly and quickly get the word you are looking for.

Here you'll find complete solutions and answers including the latest update with images for all levels and word lengths of the What's the Word (4Pics1Word) app for iPhone and Android. From 3 letter words, to 8 letter words, all answers will be here with the images to accompany them for an easy walkthrough. Just choose the letter length to get started.

The aim of the 4 Pics 1 Word game is to guess the word from the letters given to you by figuring out the common theme between 4 pictures. However with no hints to help you, some are almost impossible to guess. This is where we come in to help you out! You will find What's the Word answers below, stop the brainache and enjoy!

*About 4 Pics 1 Word*

4 Pics 1 Word took the app world by storm, on both iOS and Android devices across the board. From iPhones to iPad to Samsung tabets and HTC phones. This game by developers Lotum GmbH is now one of the most popular and highly grossing apps around.
On first inspection it would seem simple enough, it is exactly what it says on the tin. There are 4 pictures, 12 letters and some spaces to let you know how many letters the word you are trying to guess has. Just unscramble the letters using the images as a massive hint, and bobs your uncle and onto the next level you go. Surely we all have enough logical capacity to put together what 4 pictures mean? Except that, we don’t. It is a really hard game!

You can of course buy a correct letter (60 coins) or delete some letters (another 60 coins) but with 8 letter words in there and coins at .69p per 350 it quickly adds up and soon you’ve spent all your lunch money on this darn addictive game!

Cue US. We have the most comprehensive data base of answers for 4Pics1Word on the whole wide web! All the other answer sites gave up after a couple of updates, but not us! We carried on, finding answers and getting them up on the site as soon as we could so that you could search for them when you were stuck.

We really are the best 4Pics1Word answer site you’ll find (just because we aren’t top of Google doesn’t mean we’re not the best! Google is broken, most of those top ones are spam anyway).
We can guarantee that with us you will find the answer you need, if it doesn’t happen to be on site, then you have a ton of ways to contact us (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to name but 3), and if you send us over a screenshot of the one you’re stuck on, we will send you back a lovely little message with the answer.

So with more solutions than any other website, we really are the best in this field for this app, images to easily identify the level and word you are stuck on and clear answers immediately, no having to click through and wait for a whole nother page to load once you’ve seen the one you’re stuck on. No long videos either that spends hours going through each and every word that you already have.
Because the words are in a random order it can often seem frustrating having to look for it amongst all the answers you have got already, but what is the alternative?

One last thing, please, do not feel bad and silly for using a cheat site and don’t let anybody make you feel bad. The one mocking you is likely the one who spends the most time here. We all need some help sometimes, no one is perfect, and certainly no one could ever complete 4Pics1Word without cheating, pure and simple fact.

Enjoy the site, enjoy having all the 4Pics1Word answers for free, and we would always love to hear from you if you fancy a chat, need some help, or even want to have a moan at us for something or other. See you on social media folks! Love you bye! ☺

last updated: June 28th 2014

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  • Brenda

    I am stuck on 45. Looks like soup in the top 2 pics, some kind of drink with whipped topping and possibly eggs with bananas?

  • cling

    I need help… Been stucked at level 32 i think.

    The pictures consist of a motorbike rider, 9 matches with one match used already, a man in suit at the table looks problematic and a man filed up with folders. Thank you!

    • logoquizcheats

      Try BURNOUT

  • Popo

    Help: 5 letter word

    1st: a picture of a beach

    2nd: an aeroplane taking off

    3rd: papers; 3 small ones, 3 squares, 2 rectangle

    4th: a sign "las Vegas blvd"

    • logoquizcheats


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