Top Logo Fails

What makes a good logo? It should grab your attention, be different, and impact your view on the brand or company. Well these logos do just that, but maybe not in the way they were intended to. They have mostly epicly failed at giving the correct view of the company that they represent. 
Below you’ll find a collection of the biggest fails in Logo history. Most of them have got it innocently very wrong, well we assume and hope that it is innocent.  Can you spot all the fails? Some of them are harder than others, mostly self-explanatory though. Awks.


1. State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup Logo FailIts just an image of the state of Vermont and maple syrup being collected and…. Pah who are we kidding it looks like a man peeing into a bucket. Its been in use for at least a decade, and for some reason no marketing firm or designer has taken credit for this imaginative Logo, can't imagine why.

2. Catwear

catwear logo failWe're not sure if they are trying to make a capital or lower case letter 'A' out of a cats bum, but either way, they are using a cat's bum to try to sell womens clothing. Logic = none. Fail = immense!

3. Safe Place

Safe Place Logo FailSomehow this logo is supposed to make you feel secure, safe, and not like you're about to snuck up from behind and grabbed.  The design guys at Safe Place got it pretty wrong here, pretty much promoting the opposite with this logo of what they stand for.


4. Junior Jazz Dance Class

Junior jazz dance class logoWhat could be so bad about this logo? A couple of children dancing to jazz oh how lovely! Until you realize they look like a couple of breasts. Now you feel awkward.

5. Kids Exchange

kidsexchange logoSpeaks for itself. We cannot emphasize the importance of the use of a spacebar and punctuation in this Logo instance.

6. Mont-Sat

mont satellite logo Directed at possibly exactly the right people who would be looking to order Skinemax and other ahem ‘adult’ satellite channels. So really is this a win or a fail? The satellite dish looks happy enough. 

7. The Computer Doctors

The_computer_doctors_logo failYou go to The Computer Doctors to fix your computer. But errr that’s not what a computer mouse looks like? Is it? Will you ever be able to look at your innocent mouse again in the same way, errrm no. 


What do you think of these Logo fails? Marketing genius or massive design distaster? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from you! And if you like this post then do share, that would be pretty cool of you :) and if you really like it we'll even bring you more Logo fails in the future.

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