Your Complete Guide to the Different Shades of Window Tint


Window tinting offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced privacy and reduced glare to protection against harmful UV rays. However, navigating the various shades of window tint can be overwhelming. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different shades available and help you make an informed decision on the right tint for your needs.

Understanding Window Tint Percentages:

  • Window tint percentages refer to the amount of light that can pass through the tint. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint. For example, a 5% tint allows only 5% of light to pass through, making it extremely dark, while a 50% tint allows half of the light to pass, resulting in a lighter shade.

5% – Limo Tint:

  • Limo tint, or 5% tint, is the darkest available. It provides maximum privacy and glare reduction but can limit visibility, especially at night. Limo tint is popular for those seeking a sleek, mysterious look for their vehicle.

20% – Dark Tint:

  • A 20% tint strikes a balance between privacy and visibility. It reduces glare, blocks UV rays, and adds a touch of style to your vehicle without making it too dark. This shade is a popular choice for both aesthetics and functionality.

35% – Moderate Tint:

  • Offering a moderate level of darkness, a 35% tint allows more visibility while still providing a level of privacy and heat reduction. It is a versatile option suitable for various preferences.

50% – Light Tint:

  • A 50% tint is considered light and is ideal for those who want a subtle enhancement. It provides UV protection and reduces glare without significantly darkening the windows, making it a popular choice for legal compliance in many areas.

70% – Nearly Transparent:

  • A 70% tint is nearly transparent, allowing a high percentage of light to pass through. While it offers minimal privacy and heat reduction, it still provides UV protection. This shade is often chosen for its subtle appearance.

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Needs:

  • The ideal shade of window tint depends on your specific requirements, local regulations, and personal preferences. Consider factors such as the level of privacy desired, legal restrictions, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve.


Selecting the right shade of window tint is a crucial decision that can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Whether you prefer the mysterious allure of limo tint or the balanced appeal of a 35% tint, understanding the different shades allows you to make an informed choice tailored to your needs.

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