Level 5

Below you will find all the level 5 answers to the Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone. There are 76 answers to guess correctly on this level.

walkthrough and solutions level 5

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  • ewan

    trop bien

  • Marina

    I hate this website every time I try to go to 5 letter words it brings me back here it doesn’t show the answers

  • http://Ksown@ksiw.com Im a girl

    I can't seem to find what I am looking for :(  any help

  • Anonymous

    seems every ime i go on a leavel on here they dont even mathe the leveles and when i go back to their they change the logos

    • logoquizcheats

      Unfortuntly that is a problem with the app itself, everytime you go back onto the game, the logo positioning will change. Sorry, its a matter of looking through the page to find the logo you need. 

      If all the logos aren’t matching the levels you might be looking at the wrong answers. If you are using Android then you will find the answers HERE, if you are using the newest logo quiz on iPhone (Ultimate) you will find the answers HERE:) 

  • Anonymous

    I think your stupidly awesome. I love guessing logos

  • Ashlyn

    The one that says schweppes did not work


    • Anonymous

      Yes it does

      • A Person

        I think it's really cool and it helped me a lot


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